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I’m Jackson Davies and I’ve taken the audacious mantle of Headboy. I’m a world jamming autonomous multi-talented hero and very modest too.

About Me:

Jackson Davies, Headboy at Blog Prefect.

Jackson Davies, Headboy at Blog Prefect.

I’m an Englishman by the name of Jackson. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and trying to build up my social presence alongside it.  I have a lot of experience with IT and currently work in Maintenance Planning Department. I recently completed an Honours Degree in Business Studies with the Open University. To say that I’m busy is an understatement but sometimes you have to roll with what life throws at you.

I’m often opinionated but hopefully not to the point of offense. I often respond well to levity, hate stuffed jackets and welcome good advice. I hope never to become that egocentric blogger that you can spot a mile off but a lot of blogging is about ego at the end of the day. You’ll observe this like I did.


Blog Prefect has been designed as a learning in progress website so as I pick up new skills from learning through observation, I’m going to share them with you. I’m looking at a broad range of subjects in the arena of blogging and trying to discern if there are any clear ways of going about projects, campaigns and organic growth better.

Social media plays a big part in blogging and I often wrestle with social media as a whole but my Google+ profile has seen a lot of positive activity. My Twitter arm is growing slowly.

Blog Prefect has covered a number of topics so far in its short life, some a bit esoteric, others more grounded in the standard elements of blogging and the PR related activities that go with it.

I wish to become that elusive Big Wig Blogger.

Big Wig Bloggers

My 2013 campaign met with more resistance than I had hoped. Starting wasn’t hard, it was maintaining the critical mass that was the problem. My resolution for 2014 was to try and not write sub par content and 2014 was a substantial improvement. 2015 saw great challenge but I accomplished more with less. 2016 hopefully sees a move towards more dedicated time spent and re-gaining momentum.

BlogPrefect 3rd Birthday

Blog Prefect’s 3rd Birthday celebrated on the 14th June 2016.

If you like the cut of my gyb and like the posts I write, why not subscribe to my newsletter? The link can be found on the sidebar to the left. Thanks in advance.

I have a current focus on Twitter and would appreciate fellow bloggers joining me there. I hope to be able to interact with you so come on over and follow me @blogprefect.

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    1. Jackson Davies

      Thanks YourFriend! This site has been a great source of motivation for me and your encouraging words mean a lot. I wish you good fortune with your own ventures! Cheers!


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