3 things to remember when blogging motivation is low

On some occasions you might hit a pot hole in the road of your blogging. There might be a point where doubt has paralysed you into inaction and the gears grind to a halt. There might be days where you can’t see the wood for the trees or when you feel you’ve talked about everything and are not sure how to move on uniquely.

3 things to remember when blogging motivation is low

1 Trust in yourself

There are a number of reasons you could be down.

Time of year

There are a number of trigger times during the year that could drag you down over the hot coals. For people who work in the Northern hemisphere where you are subject to less or more light in the abject cold there are some problems. Less serotonin and melanin is produced in your body at certain times of the year affecting your circadian rhythms, your mood stability and your cheer producing hormones. Sleeping might be difficult leaving you crabby and affecting your memory. Summer also has some issues for some, heat and allergies amongst them, also making sleep more difficult.

Taken a knock

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Well-meaning or non-well-meaning comments and observations from third parties could subject you to doubt or guilt. You might come back with an awesome comment to divert the negativity from someone else but the pain from that observation is still there.

If you take a knock too deep it can stop you in your tracks.

Family/Personal crisis

It happens, no escaping it sometimes. You might have a run of cheerful calm for years and then several events come along at once.

Andrew Warner covered this topic in a respectful way on his site at shadeofinfo.com, following his own experience. “What Happens To Your Blog When You Die?” was a particular post that attracted interest by many.

Close to burn out

Juggling too much in your professional and personal life will surely push you to the limit. Burn out is a big problem and can lead to serious cases of lack of activity. Whilst you can schedule your way to success, at a flash point, something will have to give.


Boredom comes from too much conformity to routine. If you are averse to changing your strategies you might become a shade “comfortable uncomfortable”. Boredom is dangerous because it can lead to you dropping standards and becoming disillusioned.

What’s the magic cure to these issues?

Make something. If it is bad, try to improve it, but make something.

It doesn’t have to be an epic length. Keep it simple. Once you have the sense of achievement pushing out the content, you should be better placed to start rolling again. If not, rinse and repeat until you get your mojo back.

Don't steal the mojo like Doctor Evil here.

Don’t steal the mojo like Doctor Evil here.

Make sure:

  • That it has some use
  • Asks a question
  • Gives food for thought


  • Write something too personal
  • Write an epic length article, you need to get back into the game sooner
  • Stray too far from your core topic

2 Talk to people

Asking somebody what they want, or what their bugbears are can quickly lead to an idea, this blogging thing is meant to be a collective activity.

It doesn’t even matter if the problem is one that you might think has already been covered. The truth is, everything has been covered but there are always common topics that return to popular comment. It’s just how you put your spin on it that counts.

I recommend this tip because I’ve had a few issues that pop up from time to time with my blog or facilities that work in unison with it which don’t always work as I expect or hope and I find it infuriating. Talking to others who’ve had similar issues is a great way to overcome that negativity.


  • Ask too many questions
  • Antagonise by pestering
  • Be a jerk or jerkette: See below

yourecards jerk

Image source someecards.com

3 Help someone out

Guides are brilliant, the sense of helping someone through a problem is magnificent, the person requiring help may not tip you with a comment but at least you made a difference. There is always a guide you can write. They don’t even have to have a basis in originality as long as you’ve added a unique flavour.

Things to try:

  • Make a guide for a friend and others might find it useful
  • Re-package someone else’s guide with improvements, in your own words
  • Research a trend, even if only a basic look

Things to avoid:

  • Making it too long
  • If it is a borrowed solution but with update, forget to tip the source with a link
  • Forgetting to add pictures or video.



Whilst this is a short post, those three tips can help you. If you can already think of more things to try you should be on your road to recovery. But if none of that is working for you, let me know in the comments below.

4 Comments 3 things to remember when blogging motivation is low

  1. Worli

    Hello Jackson,

    Nice Tips! Motivation is one of the major issue with most of the novice bloggers. They want to start a blog today and expect to start earning next month, which is not always possible. Being focused with proper knowledge is the only key.

    And, It’s not easy to become a successful blogger if you’re losing your motivation and enthusiasm quite often.
    Worli recently crafted…Free WordPress Hosting ProvidersMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Worli!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      I agree with you when speaking about the novice blogger. The learning curve can be steeper than you think at times so it is important just to stay the course and keep on making slow and steady improvements to what you produce. It is also important not to get dragged off course by people who are light years ahead of you.

      Proper knowledge is key!

      Many experts might claim that if you are getting distracted a lot, this may mean that you are probably not connecting with the right niche. Pat Flynn suggests that you should test your niche by trying to write 50 titles in 1 hour. If you struggle, you’ll know it is not something you can maintain long term.

      Best wishes!!

  2. Atinder

    Well, Whenever I feel demotivated, i use to check Income reports of popular blogs or used to talk to my seniors. And it really helps, the motivation comes back in a matter of few minutes, if someone is taping on your back, saying you can do it or by seeing big income reports.
    Atinder recently crafted…Best Buy Black Friday Xbox One 2015 DealsMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Atinder,

      Seeing other people’s big numbers can be very motivating. I agree. I tend to go to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and have a look at that big total and that does perk me up. I guess there may be a question over how truthful those numbers are and sometimes the person providing those numbers doesn’t include the real costs (investment needed, tax payable and other overheads). Certain number ranges can be very stimulating and there is definitely a psychology that can be exploited.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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