Starting a New Blog – Do You Enjoy Blogging?

This is a continuation of a guide to setting up a new blog in January. This article intends to pierce the veil on the most critical element of blogging; whether you enjoy the task of blogging or not.

Do You Enjoy Blogging?

Where does this question sit in the scheme of things? Why Headboy, would you ask such a silly question?

The art of blogging might not be for you.

Notice I say art of blogging?!

Blogging is definitely an art.

It transcends more than just writing. You have to think about a lot more than just the writing.

A blog post always must include;

  • A title that encourages visitors
  • A decent feature image
  • More images within the article
  • An amount of blank space and a reduction in the traditional long stanzas of other media
  • Eye catching breaks and headings
  • Web Links outside and inside
  • A gambit, something that you are trying to achieve by way of directly or indirectly covering a point within the article
  • Social sharing options

Writing is difficult enough in itself. You have to find the optimum way to put your point across without losing the reader along the way.


Motivation and Enjoyment are Not Mutually Exclusive

In my recent series, my previous article covered the topic of motivation. Motivation for blogging is a theme that comes up. Actually enjoying blogging is a separate issue, the art of blogging is a different concept. In order to have motivation you first have to like what you are doing, but you don’t know that until you start.

Motivation Needed For a New Blog

Advice For First Time Bloggers

I believe that my fellow blogger Ahmad Imran from, would agree with me that actually starting on a self-hosted blog actually cuts down your learning arch considerably. Self-hosted websites have costs involved, and if you are not fully committed to that idea, or are incredibly budget sensitive, there are alternative starts you could consider.

That said, they are no substitute for doing it properly.

My advice would be either to start somewhere free where there are no costs to writing; – My top recommendation – A good distraction free platform – Owned by Google and quite basic – Excellent for media


Try and guest post before you have your own site;

Do this by writing a good article and submit it to an outlet where guest posts are permitted. If you don’t get lucky or the person you have submitted to doesn’t like your re-writes, submit the improved article to another outlet until you get some joy. In the mean time, write more articles and analyse those articles that you like.

None of these choices are what I’d class as an “easy” option. You have to commit time to arrive at what you can class as a success.

Another alternative would be;

Get used to writing on forums and/or contributing to other blogs through social media, the comments section and through emails. You can test out an idea before it ever becomes the moving force behind a blog. Testing the water is a good thing, and it never hurts to be sociable.


Blogging is Something You Can Get Into After a While

It normally takes a bit of time to get the bug for blogging. I had the fortunate benefit of being off sick for a week when I launched my blog back in June 2013. Being sick was awful but being able to push out 6 posts in the first week was invaluable. Having a good place to start gets you in the rhythm.

If you get stuck, like I have done during 2017, blogging can be difficult to return to. For some people, returning to the blog at all is impossible. If you don’t return, you’ve wasted a lot of time.


Your First Articles Are Going To Be Terrible

Unless you are an English master, writing blog articles is going to be clunky at first. Even if you are good at writing, knowing how to assemble all of the components the way the audience wants them is difficult.

A lot of the time a blog post in your early days of development will leave you head scratching as to why it didn’t do well.

It’s not that you didn’t cover the points well. There is sometimes another reason somebody else did better. You haven’t got much chance of knowing exactly what unless you go looking for other people who have done better with similar articles.

A lot of the time the social element is what helped the article shine. The engagement score.

To do better with engagement you have to network a bit, build a following, and make sure your message gets seen.

Google has you on the bottom step when you start. Over time your position on those steps will climb, as long as you maintain movement.

Q: Does that mean that what I write in the start is technically a waste?

A: Yes. But you shouldn’t look at it in those cold terms. Everything you do is practice to hone you for better.

You can’t bottle lightning straight away. You need a strategy for that.


Be Prepared Not to See Gold For a Year or More

Image Credit kordi_vahle via Pixabay

It can take that long and sometimes longer to grow large enough to be visible to the “right people”.

Don’t even think about the word ‘viral’ yet. You just aren’t that privileged.


Juggling Knives

Is blogging in a nutshell. Not only do you have to write your articles, you have to get them seen.

There are 3 ways to do this*;

  • Social Media
  • Mailing List
  • Search Engine

Social Media is the active method of recruiting eyes to your words. It is basic advertising. Traditional advertising if you’d like.

Mailing Lists are the semi-passive method. You have to be active in encouraging people to join the mailing list but once they are on it, all you have to do is ensure you make the emails interesting enough to get your subscribers to return regularly for more critical information. Google likes this because people viewing your site from a website link in an email count as direct traffic. Direct traffic infers the term ‘useful’.

Where information is useful, Google ranks it higher.

Search Engines are entirely passive. People finding you on search engines improves over time. The best way to quickly affect this area of traffic is with money. Often that may not be the most effective way to go if you have a limited budget. There are subtle changes and tips and tricks you can learn but ultimately, it is a game show. You are better to concentrate on quality (which always shines through) and the quality of your relationships.

* There are some other ways such as link building, commenting on sites with links back, and being active in forums, but these methods aren’t as functional as they used to be.


Dealing With Comments

Most comments are normally nice. Some are not.

You will need a thick skin.

Some readers will just hate what you do. Some just are in it for a laugh.

They say, don’t feed the trolls. I say, don’t let the trolls get a foot in the door in the first place.

As much as you can beg for comments, they don’t come until you get a big enough audience. The percentage for comment makers is very low.

You want to respond to positive comments as soon as possible. If possible, try to see where these participators came from, and return the favour. It’s called reciprocity, and you’ll find a lot of warmth from the activity.

The largest majority of visitors to your site are what is classed as “consumers”. They don’t make passing comments, they are just there for the information. Consumers are still good for you but often they might need to see some form of social signal to perform more than just a cursory glance.


A Quick Word About “Shilling”

I would never recommend shilling. Shilling is applauding yourself through stealth. Making fake accounts to make it look like someone holds you in high regard. Paying a service to make you look like a stand up guy or gal. It’s not worth it.

You are better to find commentators through making friends. Reciprocity is often a very key way to build exposure.

We are all in this together.

Fun fact: Back in my early days of this blog, I had set upon the idea to create a mini business on Fiverr. This business was about purchasing my services as a commentator. Of course, it fell entirely flat on its face, but I wasn’t the only one who’d thought about that idea. There were many individuals selling services to augment comments. I found that in practice, it is better to have legitimate interaction, even if some posts go without comments.


Be Prepared to be Thrust Into a Market of Businesses

There are those that will be trying to sell the exact same cheddar you are selling.

There are those who will steal any cheddar designs from you, that are deemed to be ‘effective’.

You will enter with agenda.

The information you provide has to be needed.

You may see the term B2B (business 2 business) banded around, this might be something you have to understand more about. B2B is the more likely form of market you are pitching to, or networking with at the very least.


Blogging Success Can Be Delayed

Not everything you write is of interest straight away. It may take a while to grow a head of steam.

You may be very surprised which articles rise to the surface of popularity. You have to improve at reading and interpreting statistics generated by your efforts. There are just some outrider articles that do unusually well and you might not understand why.

Don’t be overwhelmed by terms like split testing and other higher level methods of analysis until you get to grips with the basics. It is okay to be a newbie. Make newbie mistakes, enjoy that green feeling. Don’t be shamed by bigwig bloggers

I would suggest that there is a certain degree of learning you have to perform that you cannot bypass. Accept failure in good cheer and try to learn from those mistakes wherever possible.


One Final Word

Don’t be Denim. If you plan to be another leech, another copycat, there are already plenty of those.

Do your own thing!

You need creativity to shine nowadays. Bland won’t cut it.

You will need to work on your marketing image.

If you can’t commit time to being awesome, don’t commit the time, period.

Blogging is a consuming activity. A time sink. If you don’t have the time, don’t do the crime.

Blog Prefect 2018 Catch Up And 2017 Review

In this article I wanted to convey some cheer to all bloggers for this New Year’s start. I hope that if you’ve been blogging for a while, you are enjoying it, and if not, you are making steps to change that.

My 2017 year has differed to some of the primer years for Blog Prefect and I’d like to explain why over the span of the next thousand or so words.

Blog Prefect 2018 Catch Up And 2017 Review

2017 Review

BlogPrefect in 2017 wasn’t ideal. I backed off quite a way from my high spot for a number of reasons. I don’t wish to make excuses, 2017 just wasn’t that inspiring for me in terms of bringing value for other bloggers. Instead, I spent a long period of 2017 trying to reconnect with my blogging passion.

More time was spent on improving, this site’s sister blog. Over at JackoWrites I started a value product in 2015 which has developed into quite a guide now. The Writer’s Block Guide was an area I attributed a lot of time. I also worked on my passion project of a science fiction book and have a 4th drafting stage where I will be handing over the novel to more people to improve. I’m looking forward to getting this book published.

515 Lost World Saga Progress April – June 2017 was an area I started charting to try and understand blogging from the perspective of a person who doesn’t want to spend time with maintenance of a content management system, and who doesn’t want the costs involved with domains. Ultimately I had difficulty with the platform so have pretty much pulled back from my engagement there because I deemed it unproductive. I was happy that I committed a year to trying it out as I did have some successes over the period.

I wrote these two articles over at on but also have a further article which I will link to, here on BlogPrefect.

Article 1: My Thoughts on Medium as a Writer

My Thoughts on Medium As a Writer

Article 2 : 1 Year writing with Medium

1 Year Writing With

What Wasn’t Completed Before the End of the Year?

I was working on a post about motivation (funnily enough) and my timescale to complete this completely drifted the wrong side of 2018. This motivation article was due to drop in December but it didn’t come off. I have quite a high standard now, compared to what I used to write. That high standard also doesn’t help with timescales and deadlines.


What I’ve Missed Since 2016

Putting the traffic reports together is an area that I greatly miss. I enjoyed the process that went into making this kind of article, and the feedback the posts generated. It was also a great stimulator in terms of ensuring that the traffic report wasn’t the only post I made in a month, otherwise I’d have nothing to report on.

This is something I will be bringing back but also have some props to make it unique now. More to come on that front…


A Shout Out to My Friend

Ahmad Imran from has been waiting for me to write for months and I have not forgotten about him. It was nice to see when I posted an article on JackoWrites that he was there commenting on my Disqus comments no less. I thought he would have had enough of my inconsistency and left but I was glad to see him still there. It has taken a great deal of time to make any kind of acquaintance.

Ahmad Imran –

My previous friend, Vernon, performed what I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do. That is to let their blog curl up and die. He had much better traffic stats than mine (I had the privilege of being able to see his site behind the scenes) so his decision to pull out of the blogging was disappointing. He had momentum but he didn’t capitalise on it and if he had still run that blog until now, who knows.

I realise that Vernon was in some financial difficulties at the time but it still seems a shame. He gave up too soon. It is unfortunate to say that was an observable characteristic of Vernon’s from what he had told me about previous business projects that he had undertaken. Cutting loose too early.

Blogging does sometimes mean that you leave people behind. Your audience is ever changing but it is good to have friends.


Social Cataclysm

Google+ and Twitter are both depleted in terms of their use. I love Twitter and how it works but Google+ has dropped off big style for my enthusiasm. Social media and I are like awkward 3rd cousins. We are family but strangers.

I am considering dropping Google+ altogether. Twitter is something I will return to more vigorously as I get on well with it and appreciate the stats that Twitter provide. Facebook and I are still very uncooperative, despite it being a huge growth area for many. Something I don’t enjoy, I won’t keep up and Facebook fits in that category.

I need to start charting other places to grow but for the mean time I am going to focus on one platform and learn it well. It’s the only way.


I Had Thought That in My Absence the Site Views Would Drop to a Death

But I was wrong.

There are a few articles that still invite people to take a look. These few articles make me rather proud that they still have an afterglow, and that readers are getting use out of them.

This Article still generates a lot of attention;

FastMail MX Record Setup BlueHost


Retrieving My Resolve

I’m not sure why I had such a dim spell. I’m anxious to say that I’m past it. I know how I can drop off the boil if I’m wounded by something or someone. But, I’m back in the driving seat.

Maybe I should re-visit the article I wrote about motivation not all that long ago.


As Always!

Would love to hear from you and hear what you have planned for 2018.

Comments, shares and all that go with it are always appreciated but I’ll never beg you 🙂