End of Month Traffic Report – February 2014

End of Month Traffic Report - February 2014Welcome to February’s End of Month statistics! February has been a good month with a solid start followed by plenty of social activity. I’m definitely getting much further into the posting and it seems to be going well.

I’d like to start off by making an honourable mention this month in the shape and form of Ryan Biddulph. I’d like to thank him for making a few contributions to the site during this month and generally picking up my spirit. I had seen Ryan about when I first joined Google+ last year but up until now he has been a busy bee. I thank him for shining some light my way and wish him well with his travels. You can catch Ryan over at: www.Cashwithatrueconscience.com

In looking at Strategy which is the key focus of my degree this year, I have actually found some interesting concepts during my time blogging which reflect in the material I’ve been studying. Many of my Social Networking strategies are underdeveloped and not well supported. A lot of this comes from where I’ve entered into the spirit initially but been crushed by a lack of positive feedback.

I shall be returning to StumbleUpon in a bigger way because I think that the system is worth more of a shot. I’ve already logged back in recently and am up for the challenge.


Roll of the dice

You have read correctly. As a recap I have decided to run a bit of a study into risk taking as a strategy for my blog. As long as I keep the risks out of Black Hat territory I should be doing okay. Yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to pay for some “Boost” related services. My very first was purchased on the 10th February from SEOClerks to the tune of $5. The ultimate strategy is to funnel that boosting towards a profit. The target is a lofty one, maybe unrealistic for the time I have but worth a shot. I have to exceed $101 in Fiverr profits. It is going badly so far so my pessimistic outcome is most likely but we shall see. The article that started this all is the 2014 gamble.

This has had an effect to the statistics from the 12th February onwards and added a mass of visitors to one particular page. That page being Welcome.

Most likely this effect is going to have an issue with my bounce rate or have a really low average time on site. I’m likely to see this go North of 80% or be a few seconds which is my danger zone. I’ve written this slightly in advance of the end of the month to give a foresight perspective. The purpose of this increase is to see how I can make the welcome page a better entry page as at present I’m getting more exit through here than I’d like.


How did the posts do?

(Update – This was added on 03/04/2014 due to an oversight during the beginning of March)

The traditional report for January 2014 following a ropey December downturn.

This article went well and netted me 10 views. I normally see double figures as a positive threshold, of course this will change as my popularity grows but for now I view this as a success.

As I had joined mailchimp, this was an atricle about setup with regards to organising it in a way where it provides the right kind of email.

This post went badly because I didn’t have the knowledge behind it. Email marketing is a hot topic at the moment and I wanted to try and open the steam vent to get some warmth.

This was triggered by article in Google+ about generating evergreen content, something I believe doesn’t exist. I felt so strongly I wrote an article about it.

This was an off the wall area but when I’m glad I pursued. I got a comment from someone on this topic and was happy with the result. I felt it could have done better but I might be able to improve the core.

It is something that every blogger with low traffic considers. The objective is to drive bigger audiences back through the small amount of links provided by the guesting host.

My thoughts on this article were to some how shape it so that I could appeal to my Gig on Fiverr. This met with a good reception but I didn’t get any conversions.

As comments on blogging are close to my heart, I wrote a rant on some of the practices that I hate.

This post did well out of the gate so I’m happy that the effort went into the right places.

This was a superficial look at entrepreneurship because blogging and being an entrpreneur often go hand in hand.

It only attracted 1 view so something was clearly wrong. I was most likely out of my comfort zone on this one.

Here’s how the numbers shaped up.

  • #1 – 10
  • #2 – 0
  • #3 – 6
  • #4 – 11
  • #5 – 11
  • #6 – 1

 The End of Month Traffic Report – February 2014


February 2014 is going to take a slight adjustment from previous Traffic Reports. It will have a dual reporting arch as I am going to have perform some active screening following the huge traffic boost from the Karoshio activity. Fortunately this is not going to be too hard a task as the boost targets one particular page and very few of the thousands of views jump from this page. I will be able to fairly accurately screen out the views that hit a certain page returning the viewing to a normalised view. Of course. For your interest and viewing intrigue, I will also show how the boost fared. I think you’ll be surprised by the results. I definitely am.

Karoshio Traffic

All of the Karoshio Traffic on the whole originated from the United States of America. There were some anomalous viewings from countries not of the US but they were in the vicinity of North America. These included some Caribbean islands such as Barbados and St. Vincent & Grenadines.

During the Karoshio period the trial traffic boost ran from the 11th-16th February and rapidly returned to a rate I’m used to.

Bounce Rate During Karoshio

78.27%, below the danger level.

Bounce Rate for February as a whole

77.35% inverse 0.56% on last month.

Average time on Site

During Karoshio = 24 seconds

For February overall = 44 seconds

Before Karoshio (1st – 11th) = 3 Minutes 55 Seconds

After Karoshio (16th – 28th) = 3 Minutes 2 Seconds

Visits – GAF

During Karoshio = 138

For February overall = 151

Before Karoshio (1st – 11th) = 12

After Karoshio (16th – 28th) = 11

Pageviews – GAF

During Karoshio = 364

For February overall = 437

Before Karoshio (1st – 11th) = 33

After Karoshio (16th – 28th) = 44


For the Karoshio boost:

  • 1st link FdNNWM7 = 1,417
  • 2nd link FdNNWM7 = 384
  • 3rd link FdNNWM7 = 167
  • Softpopads.com = 4

FdNNWM7 was the campaign that Karoshio used to advertise my site, leading to these high numbers.

For everything else:

  • Google+ = 23
  • Google Image Search = 11
  • Google Search = 7
  • Highpoweredseo.com = 4
  • StumbleUpon = 4
  • WordPress Dashboard = 2
  • Bing = 2
  • Yahoo = 1
  • mmabay.co.uk = 1
  • Mailchimp email subscriber = 1
  • Gravatar = 1
  • Theoldreader.com = 1
  • Cyberalert.com = 1


I’m pretty sure that without the boost, traffic would have been the same as I normally see it. It was different to see how the high volumes took effect. I’d love to see this traffic head this way more often in future but I have come to accept that it comes with time and putting things in the right place.

I now must pursue guest posting to raise the levels of those people interested in what I can deliver.

I discovered that the Welcome page was found wanting, so I’ve decided to make some major changes over March to make it simpler. I still have found that people have a reluctance to make a click.

I picked up a nasty troll along the way. Hopefully measures I have taken will prevent this individual but I suspect that this person will make attempts to write something stupid again next weekend. We’ll see.

As you can see in the post list above, I didn’t produce much content. Only 6 posts in the short 28 days. Some people post as much as 5 times a day and there are some that push out content more frequently than that.

Finally, It is has become almost pointless trying to write anything at work for the blog via WordPress. A lot of my statistical data is not supported on the ageing Internet Explorer 8 (namely Google Analytics). In addition this post I was constructing was considerably more in-depth but I lost several hundred words when the server lost connection which I found deeply annoying. Thus I’ve resigned to writing my endeavours on Word again to draw less attention.

Update 03/04/2014

I’ve had to come back to this article because it had some deficiencies. When I was finishing the editing I was having a personal crisis of sorts so my heart wasn’t fully in producing this output. Hopefully I haven’t damaged views as the Traffic Report is a main feature for Blog Prefect.

I had a comment from Ryan Biddulph, to continue being transparent, so this is why I have shared this with you.


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