11 reasons to stay visible in the hypercompetition sea

This is a follow up to Mi Muba’s article entitled “11 reasons why you must stand out from the crowd as a blogger

11 reasons to stay visible in the hypercompetition sea

Mi Muba is one of my favourite money bloggers who actually passes on good value tips to anybody wanting to make money from blogging. I’m featuring a post of his, of my own free will, partly for his support over many months with epic comments and the fact that he produces some very thought provoking material that goes into good depth. He spends the right amount of time going the extra mile which makes his articles all the better to read.

I recommend that if you have some grey areas about being a money blogger, you consult his site and have a good read!


In show casing the core takeaway elements from Mi’s article I am revisiting a post I wrote during the summer months about the Hypercompetition sea.

The Hypercompetition Sea

The hypercompetition sea and how not to get washed away

Image Source Ausdragon.co.uk by Patrick or Colin

I asserted that as bloggers we have a fundamental problem facing all of us.

The fact is that blogging, as an industry, has no significant barriers to entry. Anybody can start a blog. It is cheap and easily accessible. We can buy low cost services to help spread our influence further, and improve our impact in a deeper way, quicker than ever before. To succeed, it is just a matter of assembling the components of our marketing machine in an effective manner and staying the course.

The key problem facing bloggers in the “Hypercompetition sea” is getting washed away with the tide of new bloggers that surface.

We are under threat by fresh faces who bring new ideas and challenge our authority. Threat surfaces from experienced bloggers who begin to break new ground into our territory.

To read more on the theory around the hypercompetition sea, click here.

The wash of the Sea

There are many factors that aid to erode our effectivity as bloggers over time.

Social media sway

Popularity is something you either have or don’t. If you are not natural to it, it is going to take some hard work to achieve, those elbows will be sweating gallons of grease. These mighty derricks in the hypercompetition ocean can only stand so many waves before their effectivity becomes diluted. Facebook, whilst still being a highly valued tool for blog marketers is becoming less effective as the Facebook team get greedier, and as serious corporate weight is put behind ad campaigns.

Algorithm complexity

I like to term this “pleasing mother” or “playing by Google’s rules”. Many bloggers are challenging the overall relevance of search engine stability, favouring their mailing groups and social media shares as better currency. It is not always the quantity of those you target but the quality of their engagement to what you offer them. That being said, scrutiny to what you are doing and the way in which you try and rank for it are becoming increasingly baffling.


So how do you stay ahead in this Hypercompetition sea

Mi states three important elements straight up:

  • No repetition of same thoughts
  • No reproduction of same ideas
  • No piracy of already available things

Diversification of your strategy is more important than “sticking to the knitting”. There are subtle differences between No repetition of same thoughts and No reproduction of same ideas.

To repeat the same slogan every post will hurt you, if you beat the same drum repeatedly people will get bored. You should look to occasionally build on concepts you’ve established but in a way that you don’t rebuild the entire construct again verbatim. It never hurts to rewrite a post some time after it has come out but only if you are improving on it. If you are remaining static, how are you truly helping? Things don’t stay the same.

There is a blog concept known as “spinning”, it is dangerous in that whilst your content looks different from post to post, essentially it says the same thing. The beauty of the English language, and many latin based counterparts, is the ability to rephrase and reconstruct the way you have posed your article in order for it to become something new. You have simply changed your angle of attack. At some point, you have to chart new waters to stand out from the crowd and it will take time to target that zone.

Ripoffs hurt those who made the effort to make the original and that is undeniable. There is a danger in “seeing what I can get away with”. Intellectual property is something you should respect. You should look to craft your unique something rather than hope that what you assemble from other’s is something that marks you in a unique way. There is a difference between borrowing and stealing. Borrowing is thoughtful, stealing is thoughtless.

Being consistently unique is the best answer.


Mi Muba’s 11 reasons why you must stand out in a crowd with my commentary.

Mi Muba presents 11 reasons, all building on each other. You shouldn’t look at this list in a linear start to finish fashion but more as a mesh of interlocking qualities that build on each other.

  • Change is adorable!

What do you do better, how is your different better? Mi Muba outlines that presidents get elected by the change they propose, the new platform they propose. How do you change things for the better?

  • Unique means more value!

Display weaknesses to other solutions whilst promoting the benefits of your own solutions. You will then make your solution a unique proposition.

  • Different means attractive!

Promoting your different solution will make it more attractive but you need to invest a higher level of quality to reap the benefits.

  • No chance of skipping!

Make every communication unique and memorable, be different and be passionate and you’ll never be skipped.

  • What-more [Scope of ideas] means concentration!

Once the audience realise the value they will adopt an intense focus on soaking information from what you produce. When  you provide rich sources of actionable information, and provide links to others as well as yourself, they may be inclined to look further into what other value you provide.

  • Desire to look different!

Individuality and being allowed to be somebody who stands out from others is an important element about defining unique quality. You don’t get as far being a clone of someone else. Your unique solution should embrace the spirit of being different, you should treat individuals as such.

  • Perfectly conveying your message!

To quote Mi Muba:

If you take a unique point to start conversation you get more attention of people. So the ultimate benefit is that you can convey your message without any noise or hurdle.

You won’t win with that “Cookie Cutter” approach. Not all things are, or should be, repeated. Don’t start treating people as numbers. Think about your message.

  • Higher rate of conversion!

Something new and unique is likely to draw a higher rate of conversion than something established which has had the chance to become saturated in the market. This is why you should work on something unique.

  • Higher level of trust!

Making a sale is initially difficult because trust is a complex element of the sales equation. Once your buyer has the trust that your premium item fulfills their needs, they are far more likely to be a repeat customer. We tend to trust those who do right by us, those who provide us good solutions.

  • More targeted traffic, not the crowd!

Another fabulous quote from Mi Muba:

A crowd never gathers around the showroom of Mercedes-Benz.

Because quality comes at a higher price, it comes at a premium.

I used to live near a Porsche garage and can attest that I have never seen a queue. It is only those who can afford that rarity who turn up to that showroom. That garage may only have to sell 3 Porsches a month to make it worth while. Uniqueness can drive rarity, and that can come with a price tag. You should exploit such rarity.

Say that you had a product or service that cost $1,000. You know that it is super awesome, you can provide testimonials and other supplementary evidence to convey that fact. If you only sold 1 of that item per month, the effort would have been worth it.

  • More sales in huge volume!

Those who can afford high quality have deep pockets. If you are able to build the trust, build high quality unique products, such buyers will exist to fulfill your investment in that quality.


In Conclusion

I hope you can take something away from Mi Muba’s observations and those of BlogPrefect’s. The key factor is remaining visible by being unique. We can all sometimes get caught up on having the same expected offerings, sometimes it is better to work on our own solutions.


8 Comments 11 reasons to stay visible in the hypercompetition sea

  1. Mi Muba

    Hi Jackson

    I am speechless, I am flabbergasted.

    Do you know what you did by writing this post. You must know I am sure, but just want to repeat it.

    You invented a new kind of post in blogosphere. You didn’t promote my post nor you reviewed it. So what you did? Just read it below.

    You amalgamated two ideas into one to make it a super blog post. Its objective should be to make readers first read both the posts and then read this concluding post with lot of value in it. You may also call it content consortium.

    I am in dilemma to call it creativity or height of creativity.

    Thanks for this wonderful work and sharing and especially mentioning the post of a nobody with much credit to it.

    Can’t thank you more and will never forget this post.
    Mi Muba recently crafted…5 easy steps to start an infographics business thru your blogMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Muba,

      This post was produced as a thank you for your support with some inspiring comments and epic content this year. I decided to blend what you were saying with your piece and combine it with mine to make the ultimate synergy. I have previously tried this post style with Andrew Warner and have found it to be very beneficial so will be doing more of these in the future.

      I like to do them unannounced because it is more fun that way. If you knew they were coming it wouldn’t have the same impact. 🙂

      I am often rather enlightened by your posts because I can see the great sense in what you write so I hope you continue along that valued path.

      Best wishes Mi!

  2. Nathaniel Kidd

    I must agree with you Mi Muba, Jackson has created something very special here. I do like the points on how to stay ahead of the Hypercompetition sea.

    There are always going to be an influx of new bloggers but I think that is good because it forces us to stay sharp and to keep reinventing ourselves and always focus on providing quality content.

    We can always take our content and build upon it without having to repeat or rehash what is already there. It takes effort, but we have to remember that our blog visitors are on our blog for their benefit and not ours. We owe them quality content and hopefully we are focused on solving their problem and not ours.

    I love your 11 reasons why you must stand out in a crowd. Those reasons are motivational and it should inspire all bloggers to want to stand out. Thanks for sharing,
    Nathaniel Kidd recently crafted…Frugal Money Saving Ideas? Don’t Wait for a New YearMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hello Nathaniel!

      Thanks for taking time to write a comment on my blog, it is much appreciated.

      I would also like to agree with your points made. We have to concur that many niches are now not just full but overfull and the only way to get some elbow room is strive for that uniqueness in what we do. New entrants are always a threat.

      I pass all credit to Mi Muba’s 11 reasons why you must stand out in a crowd. As a money blogger there are many key things to consider there. As I mentioned in summary to Mi’s reasons, I believe that these should be looked at not as a linear list but as a mesh of criteria that all interlink with one another.

      Thanks once again!

  3. Larry Frank

    Hi Jackson,
    You are onpoint, from your post we you made it clear that repeting of ideas and article ain’t the way home. But unfortunately thats Something that has been going on in the blogsphere for a long time now.

    i guess this will change the concept of blogging or rather the veiw by which people see blogging.

    Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful day ahead 😀

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Larry,

      There is something enticing about hitting the copy button but what value does a copy have when compared to something fresher? Fresh has a much better currency. Of course, with everything having been potentially covered, how can you be fresh? It is about the stories you tell and your own individual style. You don’t copy something verbatim and just chop and change the top and bottom, you take some artistry, pull something apart and rewrite it, infusing actions. The reason I like Mi Muba’s work is because he goes into a lot more depth on topics than the average blogger. He also goes into infinitely more detail with the responses of those commentators that interact with his work. If you show that you go into that much detail, it has a lot more weight with your audience. You feel part of the community that way. It’s not just a linear, throwaway collection of words.

      I’d like to thank you for taking the time to post on my blog and hope you continue to make great comments.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Aditya


    Amazing Article, One Thing I Learned By You That How You Continued The MI statements Into A Great Article. Great Quality
    Well Impressive Article.
    Most Worthy Points
    Thank’s For The Article


    1. Jackson Davies

      Hello Aditya,

      Firstly thank you for commenting, your words are highly appreciated! Secondly, it was awesome to include some of Mi’s article in this post because he comes out with some real gems and I think that it would be foolish not to check out what he’s writing. Being a business studies student, Mi covers a lot of what I can relate to but write it in a way that translates to a wider audience. I doubt this will be the last article I write in this fashion.

      Best wishes to you and Blogsgeek!


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