10 Actions to Restart Your Blog

Blogging requires a constant vigil so if you felt you didn’t have to work for your views, comments and kudos, think again.

From Blog Prefect analysis it is clear that if you step off the proverbial gas for any length of time, your blogging engine will stall. This is true also for the social media that stokes your engine’s flames. I’ve put together 10 actions you should consider when getting back into the driving seat.

10 Actions to Restart Your Blog

First Action

Determine where you left your blog and its marketing components.

This is like how a carpenter might return to a job he left over the weekend.

  • Where did he leave the tools?
  • Has he got all the tools and resources he needs?
  • Is there anything that has fallen apart and needs fixing before he continues?
  • What task is next?

Wood Planer

Second Action

Outline where you will make your next move. What action will you take to return to a moving position?

Moving back to that carpenter again and the question; what task is next?

  • Is the next task the most important one?
  • Would something better suit now that time has passed?
  • Does finishing the next task have the same value it did when it was originally started?

Third Action

Perform a reality check wherein any elements you no longer want to run can be dropped and new initiatives can be enacted.

Absence always sharpens the mind. A little bit of time and reflection work wonders for casting off sentimental routines that don’t yield results.

Times where you see no light from extensive efforts may boil down to processes where you were doing something wrong but no corrective feedback is provided.

Fourth Action

Reach out to your friends and make sure they know you are back in business. If you’ve worked hard to nurture a following, you should ought to let people know what has happened. Being mysterious may mean you are unreliable, and with access to a virtual world of talent, audience’s loyalty can be incredibly fickle.

Reach out to your friends

You may not be well armed to make new friends right now but you can at least look after the old ones!

Fifth Action

Don’t overload your plate. You want to stick to objectives you can complete.

Also if you’ve established functional patterns or determined good posting days, don’t abandon them. My productive viewing days of the week for this niche lay in Mondays – Wednesdays. As long as I get a post out between Sunday – Tuesday, it should perform between 25-50% better than if I published it between Wednesday – Saturday. Throughout nearly 3 years of observation I know this to be true for Blogprefect.com whereas my other blog, Jackowrites.com, performs better on Saturdays. The important point is that a natural wave develops and over time you can exploit that.

Therefore, if you had a partially complete post that you’ve got ready for the market and it is still valid, wait until your next posting window to hit the button. Spend the time refining your work until you reach the launch so that you hit the ground running rather than limping. No doubt, the first post you push out may not do well but it gets you back in the game.

Allocate your time to the important aspects.

Sixth Action

Refresh all of the old data.

Depending on how long you were away, you may have accumulated a lot of dust on your property. Changing images for your profiles and other areas such as the about page may help to spark some interest. You can also opt for a logo change if you can commit the time to it.

Pages are a great place to start because they languish in static issues for long periods without attention. If you are fastidious and attend to pages regularly then this may not be such an issue but I doubt you update them as frequently as you think.

Logos and themes are also useful to change if you want to spark some renewed interest. You may get a bit of backlash from some old guard but perhaps some conversation is what you need to get your tribe re-invested. Worth a shot right?

Seventh Action

Delete content that doesn’t turn views anymore.

It is better not to be a collector. You should be able to determine what posts aren’t relevant through your stats. Some posts are only destined to live short lives. Relevance is rewarded.

When getting that restaurant open for the summer, you clean out the festering shellfish carcass from the fridge you forgot to clean. It stinks.

Not all that long ago I wrote an article about Effective Blog Post Spring Cleaning but the beauty is you don’t have to wait for spring.

Eighth Action

Empty road

Traffic will be diminished and may take a considerable length of time to re-establish. You will need to exercise patience in order to return to form.

  • You need to stay strong – running a successful blog is a long-term win
  • Know that as long as you are making traffic you are doing better than a blogger making no traffic
  • Statistics are probably horrible right now, or at least, depressed from where they were before. You can turn it around given time and effort.

Ninth Action

Start up your idea generation process.

In order to get your schedule back on track, you are going to need ideas to spark a way forwards. Having ideas banked can lead you to get started with your editorial calendar again. Regular postings mean regular views.

  • Trends – tagging along can be productive as long as the trends don’t have too short a life.
  • Brainstorming – narrow your field of focus and then determine which of the key areas are important to probe and solve.
  • Make lists – Numbered lists rock, period. 10 item lists have got it made.

Tenth Action

Research what the top 5 in your niche are doing. Determine what the number 1 in your niche is doing better than you. Choose one area to focus on.

There is always someone better than you. You knew it in the playground, its true now. Emulating that better person’s successes through observations can deliver you to a happier place.

Perform some research. It’s the one task you can always default to when you’ve got nothing better to do and it is valuable.


In Closing

Having some kind of plan to a restart is preferable. You can perform these 10 actions in any order to any degree you need to get the job done. It depends on your own circumstances and how much you have to do. The important thing is to prepare and then make a start rather than charging in, soon to have the wind knocked out of your sails when reality bites.

Good luck!

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2 Comments 10 Actions to Restart Your Blog

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ahmad,

      I have always got questions for you so you are bound to be asked in future. Thanks for your support as always!

      I am planning to run both sites for the foreseeable future but the way in which I run both sites will differ. Jackowrites.com is an entirely different proposition to BlogPrefect but will serve to feed some forms of product in future, I have some exciting plans. Jackowrites is less demanding than BlogPrefect because it is lower maintenance overall, I’m not sure if it will always remain so but through what I’ve learnt, in almost 3 years of blogging, has armed me well.

      There are some key basics that I am addressing with BlogPrefect which I never felt I covered off well enough when I started out. In hindsight I lost potential for committed viewers but sometimes you have to learn the painful lessons yourself rather than pay to shortcut.

      I am enjoying the journey, I hope you are on reasontouse.com!


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