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What can you get out of Blog Prefect?

Blog Prefect is a Blog specifically for Bloggers and those who use Social Media and Analytics.

Often the blend of articles created for the Blogging audience are designed to ask observational questions and provide points for discussion.

My on-going traffic report series has been carefully curated from my various analytic outlets to provide some insight into the workings behind the scenes. I go to some depth in determining what is behind the patterns and how things need to be improved.

Analytics and Social Media are two key areas that many bloggers, regardless of tenure, get involved in commonly. I don’t often cover the topic of SEO because I don’t want to compete in that heavy topic.


How can you best interact?

Commenting on and sharing these works helps to not only assist me in providing quality but also helps widen the discussion and understanding of the common topics.

As an example, I often have questioned Google in the past. The large corporation, whilst essential to all, currently wields a stranglehold over a lot of bloggers. It’s as “common as denim” to search on Google in many countries worldwide but remaining consistent and finding ways of tapping the SEO puzzle are becoming a serious science.

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Key Feature:

For the most part I write about what I like. It is at one fun time of the month, that I write an article based on what’s happened during the previous month. The End of Month Traffic Reports I produce are a very rewarding writing activity and I have been developing the format over the months.

The Traffic Pulse is a hub for my End of Month Traffic Reports. There you can see a transparent, frank set of reporting on how my articles perform.

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