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What can you get out of Blog Prefect?

Blog Prefect is a Blog specifically for Bloggers and those who use Social Media and Analytics.

  • The art of blogging
  • The theory behind blogging
  • The marketing activities that follow entrepreneurship including:
    • Social Media
    • Advertising
    • Networking
  • Observations on Google and its corporation imperialism

Observation is a lot about analysing patterns. Very few of the “big wig bloggers” or corporate entities, give much away about the raw data of their success. New entrants have to see what is working and interpret how they can consolidate that learning into results.

Analytics and Social Media are two key areas that many bloggers, regardless of tenure, get involved in commonly.


SEO is not an area I cover in depth for a number of reasons:

  • Overcrowded space
    • The market of SEO suffers from hyper-competition and so ranking for SEO keywords and longtail keywords is ineffective. If you perform a simple search of Google, ‘SEO’ returns billions of results.
  • Very much a science
    • SEO is not something you can proverbially ‘blag’. You have to have some knowledge invested in the subject and have a good method to represent the results.
  • I’m just not that good at it yet
    • There are subjects that I’m not an expert on and yet I cover. SEO is a dark art and at unusual times through this blog’s up time, under-optimised articles have outperformed optimised ones. I feel like a caveman tinkering with a rocket-ship using the club I’d just killed a furry animal with. That’s not to say that I don’t learn a thing or two.
  • SEO is unique to your own property
    • A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.
    • It is better for you to develop your own strategy.

How can you best interact?

Commenting on and sharing these works helps to not only assist me in providing quality but also helps widen the discussion and understanding of the common topics.

  • Comments
  • Sharing
  • Conversation

As an example, I often have questioned Google in the past. The large corporation, whilst essential to all, currently wields a stranglehold over a lot of bloggers. It’s as “common as denim” to search on Google in many countries worldwide but remaining consistent and finding ways of tapping the SEO puzzle are becoming a serious science.

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Key Feature:

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this blog is very ‘Meta’, that is to say that blogging about blogging is a meta activity. BlogPrefect’s goal is to try and enlighten bloggers of all walks and all ability levels. There is no specific focus at beginners, intermediates or professionals. The site looks more at observations on those topics that are key to a blogger.

In some ways I feel that perhaps BlogPrefect.com was the wrong niche start for me and I struggled in the beginning to get traction. I started on the process of producing monthly traffic reports with the aim to educate through my own findings and for a good length of time I saw traction out of this.

As of July I have published over 190 articles.


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